Diet day 2

morning, before school:
a piece of bread

morning, recess:
3 nuggets + a cup of shepherd's pie + a bottle of pink dolphin

fried rice (in nasi lemak style but without the fish and pandan leaves, haha) + peach milk tea bubble tea

jay showed me this video last night when he and his family came over for dinner. the first thing i asked him when i saw the video was, "is this like, a scary or sad video?" and he said "no... its like, a happily-ever-after-ending video" and he gave me that pathetic look.

anyway.. school went well today and i totally forgot to bring my shirt for P.E since i was rushing #noobass . i have a feeling know that i am going to fail my chemistry test 'cause i blanked a few questions. oh yes, I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO DO CONVERSION. not 100% though.

hmmmm so i was looking out of the window, enjoying the breeze when i saw this little girl and her mother holding hands, feeding the fishes at the pond (there're in a condo. the condo is just right opposite my window) they were so loving and i don't even think that i've ever done this with my parents. even if there is, i don't remember.. and so i watched as the little girl bonded with another girl who came over, accompanied by a caretaker (shan't use the word maid, sounds so rude :z) they became friends quickly and fed the fishes while the caretaker and mother chatted. it was so cooling and nice so i decided to stay longer. i shifted my attention from the two little girls, mother and caretaker to an apartment where this boy was playing his violin. with a teacher by his side. the first thing that came to my mind was, this looks so typical. you know, with the rich parents hiring teachers to teach talents to their children and blah. this, is so typically. so once again, i shifted my attention to the little girls, mother and caretaker. and back and forth.

in conclusion, i keep thinking about how the little girls were enjoying themselves, holding hands and giggling while the boy, looked like he was being tied down by his parents. with tuitions and all. #justsayin'

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