Diet day 5: Sugar rush, sugar girl

breakfast, before school:
little hot dog bread wrapped by a piece of plain bread + a cup of milo

breakfast, recess:
chicken + rice + yogurt drink

pear + two packets of biscuits @ tuition + an egg tart @ after tuition

school has been great today if only i censor the parts where i got bored easily and history lesson when mr ang got so pissed off because we did not know how to differentiate source based questions and essay. history test is tomorrow yet i did not bring my books back to revise since mr ang said... no we don't need to bring our books home to study since we're only going to compare the sources and etc..

i was really hyper during school hours today. ask my witnesses: sweetha jeevan and stacia leow. hahaha. i have no idea why i became so hyperactive but i suspect it was the sweets that i ate before school. lol joke. i was singing songs and doing kung fus on stacia and she was like, "you better stop it i tell you, you better stop it. i'm very pisssssed off now" and all i did was to laugh and hit somemore. you haaaaave no idea how crazy i am today. once in a while i will be back to normal and then, to the sleepy mode and back to the hyperactive mode.

i'm just too crazy.


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