breakfast, before school:
corn flakes and milk

breakfast, recess:
yong tau fu and strawberry yogurt drink


damn, i feel so ashamed of myself nowadays.. i eat so much and i am very, very sure that i have been gaining more weight than losing. okay i should seriously stop whining.

so, while i was browsing through my laptop, i saw a few pictures sent from my cousin back in thailand:

isn't leo cute?!?!?!?!? yes right? ;-] he is my youngest cousin back in thailand and i tell you, hes got the most beautiful complexion and features ever. for someone his age. i feel so envy of his features every single time i look at him. you know what, i really regretted not going back to visit my relatives last year. but i'm so going to this year. :-]

adios x

[PS: #stmargsissofly is trending!!!]

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