Diet day 7: March

breakfast, before school:
milk + corn flakes

breakfast, recess:
black pepper chicken toast bread + corn flakes

fish & chips (hehehehehehe)

for the two days i've been eating so much and i feel like a pig (insert pathetic face)i hope i don't gain any extra weight or else...

anyway, i failed my history test (im not being proud of it) and there were only 2 people who passed this oh-so-difficult-test. ever since the day i told my mom that i failed this subject and that, she started her usual nagging and until now, she haven't even stopped talking about how i should stop failing my subjects and so on and so forth. no, she did not praise me if i passed my subjects like social studies or math. #heartless

i've been going home with a light bag nowadays which is.. a good thing. no extra books to carry home, no big art file. everything is good. life is good.

i think.

watch this video!!!!!

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