my saturday isn't so great. all i know is that i've been walking about the house searching for food like a rat (apparently i am so bored i decided that food will keep me accompany) and studying was the first thing i did after having my breakfast. my mom, is still quite unhappy over the fact that i failed most of my subjects which... isn't a good thing. its like having a tigress in your house.

hey everyone, have you read or watch the news about the recent tsunami/earthquake that is happening in japan? if you did or do, keep them in your prayers alright? i've never been this worried and scared. my aunt is living in japan and i hope that the tsunami will not affect her. hope that the supermoon (happening on the 19th of march) will not be true though there are already enough evidence to make me believe.

in conclusion, all i can say is..

#prayforjapan, #prayfortheworld, #prayforeveryone

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