Love is messy

since there wasn't anything much for me to do at home yesterday (other than a never ending pile of homework!), i decided to go suntec with my sister in search of a present for jay the gay. nothing was found for him but fortunately for me, i had a great time munching down a handful of caramel crisp popcorns from garrett (small packet = $8 -> thats alot!) meh, both my sister and i wasn't sure whether the popcorns were nice but the sweet and delicious smell of popcorns attracted us so y'know, we gave in and tried the smallest packet. i must say i did not regret buying it and.. yes, i am in love with garrett's popcorns.

@ aunt's room balcony
the sky.is.so.damn.beautiful

alright, i think that this song is a total joke #rebeccablack #epicfail #whichseattochoose



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