realizing ignorance is bliss

i still remember telling God how blessed i am even though i find myself ugly and that i lack of this and that (example: a camera, more $$$..) last night. the 'being-blessed' topic just came to me out of a sudden since i had nothing to do and was preparing to sleep. you know, when i think of those who are disabled (mentally or physically) or those who lacks of something, i just have to reprimand myself for being so self- centered, always thinking for myself only. i have all the things that i can ask for. food, a healthy family, healthy me, safe country, a house, education and friends. i feel so (insert the right word) whenever i want something extra.

i just shouldn't argue or complain about needing something more. there are people who doesn't even have a third of a bowl of rice to eat. i, feel so blessed. there are people who doesn't wear clothes because they don't have any but i have. i, feel so blessed. i thank God for being so good towards me ever since the day i was born. all well and healthy. so now, the right thing to do is to stop taking things for granted (family, friends, money, food). less arguments, more happiness.

pretty sunset (i've been seeing this every evening but i am still not sick of it
this is weird. i just typed out all about being blessed, being lucky. meh, i guess i'm cool like this (hahahha joke)

anyway, as usual, i woke up and this time i felt really fresh even after i dreamed of being chased by a man with super strong power (hahahaha joke part 2) whilst i save my friend (i forgot who it was) yessssss, you can call it a nightmare...

i think i'm weird- meh

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