so apparently our school (#stmargsissofly) was top trend (worldwide) on monday. yes, i was really happy that everyone was so united and enthu over this #stmargsissofly but guess what, we had a twitter war. nah, i wasn't really having a twitter war with someone but then, i was jut not happy with what they commented about our school. i mean, come on, one of us only commented on being creative and all and then poof! all the criticisms and insults flood our twitter wall. not only that, all the ccb and abcds appear out of nowhere but the only thing i did not like was the comment about our uniform. hellooooo, i know that our uniforms are very polka-dottish but seriously, theres no need to talk about it and criticize like as though it was a sore in the eye. yeah, yeah, i know, we were at fault too. lets just say that everyone who criticized each other's school were at fault.


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