i deserve the messiest table award
old cadbury kind-of-vintage box
it was my birthday and look! my pudgy legs~
theres me, my mom, my grandma and my sister
and thats me and my lovely grandma

today, is a peaceful day. as usual, my mom wakes me up from her naggings about her waking up early to do chores and all (very, very, normal) and when i can't listen anymore, i start rolling out of my bed and then straight to the bathroom. even after i leave the room, i can still hear her nagging from downstairs.. sigh. i did my homework after a having cup of milk tea, a piece of bread and some pleasant music from the radio in the kitchen (best way to start a day) and when i can't resist the temptation, i will start using the laptop. soon after, mom will barge in and start her nagging again and that will lead me to my room where i would spent the next few hours reading a new book on my cosy sofa. #nerdmuch

yesterday, wasn't as great as today. i had to avoid my aunt and uncle who just came back from their overseas work trip during dinner. my results. just two words and this explains everything. speaking of my poor results, it, is part of the reason why i can't go melbourne. i admit that i am disappointed and depressed 'cause i have always been wanting to go melbourne or somewhere 'round australia.

but then, on the other hand, if i don't go, i'll be able to save the money and buy a camera...? i told mom about this and she was like, "yeah, yeah, sure" in a casual way.

the interview for the art melbourne trip was kinda... successful if you ignore the part where i was late (had to take the cab when i left 7 minutes to be school by then but the driver drove to the highway when we were near the school. turns out that he was unsure of the way to school, unfortunately. so i had to tell him how to and phew, i reached school 20 minutes late.) during the interview, the first thing my teacher asked was why i was late and that the airplane wouldn't wait for me etc.. yes, she was joking and i was so, so relieved.

the night before yesterday, i prayed and asked God if there was any reason why he did not want me to go melbourne and if there is any, i asked Him to show me signs- even the littlest signs. i guess he did. it happens the next day.

i guess i just shouldn't go.

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