practically squealing with glee. they're so cute!

[source from http://twitpic.com/photos/BBCNews]
one paper down, seven more to go..

like many bloggers, i'm going to blog about The Royal Wedding. [ehehehhe]
Kate and William's wedding is probably the #hottopicofthemonth. seriously, you have no idea how many girls who envy Kate and her 'fairytale'. I mean, come on, even i feel so envious of her wedding. imagine, a prince whom you love and loves you back, being a queen, a grand wedding that only happens one in a lifetime and being loved by everyone. who won't want this lovely dream?!

okay, i think i should shut up already if not i'll start to be spasming with happiness over this grand wedding.

but i can't stop being envious!! i think i should film about some fairytale-like movies in future.

i like.

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