good day at vivo city with sweats, esther and nicole, who came a little later.

window shopping with the girls (except for nicole who apparently stayed outside while we were in the dressing room), shouting for esther and sweats to come out of the dressing room just to comment about each other's clothes, nicole = stomach muscle ache, me = thigh muscle ache, doing art at pacific coffee company but it didn't last long, $0.70 sorini chocolates, snapple + banana chocolate chip muffin, $3.50 cotton on glasses and little cup of ben & jerry ice cream in giant store.

soon after, i went to jay's house since i have to pass by his house to get home and also because hes alone at home, bored. we watched true jackson vp (with justin bieber in it, heavy sigh....) and i tried on darren's beats headphone. it.was.so.clear.and.loud

the $3.50 glasses i bought from cotton on

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