grandparents and dad went overseas today which means that i'll have to go school on my own (actually, with mom) for three days including today. mom was forcing me to say "bon voyage" to dad on the phone while we were on the ride to clementi so being a good daughter, i did and dad was like, "huhhhhhhhhhh? gimme a kiss" #pffft hahahha

i like how my mom and i always looking at each other whenever the lorry full of ducks (that are gonna be slaughtered soon) passes by us at the bus stop and the first thing we do is to run to the back of the bus stop and put over hands over our nose. my mom will then make those coughing sound and complain about the smell... lol.

there is only 2 lessons in school today since the third lesson is english and ms low didn't go to school.. yessssssssssss!! the day was short and time passes by quickly. somehow or rather, i find today different but oh well, everyday is different isn't it?

i went sogurt with my best sogurt/mac/ion buddies yesterday and it was really fun. kris bought a packet of gummies and we were throwing them in the air while trying to catch them using our mouths hahhaha. i like kris' camera (canon eos 60d) 'cause they're so damn nice to videotape and take pictures with. so all in all, yesterday is fun ;- )

hahahaha, so as stated on kris' blog "Act cute onleh!" hahahaha
creeps the hell out of me (jaslyn kept showing us for like, 2 days?!) #nightmare4life
epic-est face ever

(pictures from kris' blog)

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