i had a great time with kris and jaslyn after school today (more like after an hour of extra math lesson). we went to ion to buy jaslyn sister's belated birthday present and straight to subways for late lunch. you know, one of the things that i love to do with my friends is to chat happily while we eat. that, is the most nicest thing to do, ever. we just talk almost everything... and some things... #winkz

i took alot of pictures yesterday while i was at jay's house after my tuition. i was in a mood so yeah.. theres alot.

jay's birthday present. from my sister and i..
i loike the new oreo cookie ; -)
my hair is brown he he he
its hands and legs were tied together before i found it. #poorthing

i still remember having a really nice dream this early morning before waking up for school. this dream was so vivid and so nice i could have just slept forever just so that this dream will keep continuing.

if only this happens in reality..

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