its been like, 2 or 3 days since i blogged? damn, i miss blogging. life in school is great so far but exams are coming nearer and this is so damn, scary. i'll never have enough time to study for exams ('cause i am a rush woman). it seems as though whenever i study last minute (as in hardcore study), i'll be able to remember much more..

can't believe justin bieber came to singapore. my classmates just can't seem to get over him- one by one being so sad 'cause he left singapore and etc. whenever i hear his song or his name in class, i'd be like, "Maroon five songs please!" or "Oh please, not justin bieber again!"
anyway, i think i'll just write the things that happened recently in point forms #heheh

  • history lesson seems to be more interesting nowadays
tuesday night
  • = justin bieber's concert = me staying @ home rushing my art work while the people screams their ass off in the concert
  • a bird ate my breakfast whilst i was gone just for a short while to buy a drink
  • house meeting (i sincerely hope that fearon will win the rest of the games this year)
  • late lunch with esther @ mos burger, clementi
  • grandparents and dad back from their overseas trip
  • art class = i suck at painting
  • i suck at painting
  • i still suck at painting
  • happy with my social studies result (like i said, i am a rush woman and i rushed and studied just 2 hours before the test)

spent this sunday at vivo celebrating celz's birthday with jo and yunjing. even though it was only a few hours, we had a great time catching up with each other and soon they started to pick on me about me choosing the wrong subject combinations! hahahah lets just say, i love art and i'm not going to change my mind about changing classes/subject :- )

bought balloons for celestine before meeting her. I surprised her with the balloons by showing up at pastamania after jo and yunjing told her i won't be going and etc. (add on with auntie lucy's 'so embarrassing! tone')
my balloon to celz #teeheh
The Celestine (who apparently didn't want to be in the camera on that day)
was walking back home so i decided to take some snapshots of the things that i always see whenever i walk the same usual route
tomorrow is good friday (hooray!) and i am going to spend the day with esther, sumiko and sweats to finish our art work. excluding sweats of course, who is in f&n. gonna have breakfast with grandparents, jay, sister and darren on sunday morning as its been a long time since we really get together and spend time with our grandparents. so, people out there, cherish and treasure the people you love before you regret not doing so.


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