Lets do the april dance

damn, its already april!! and here i am sniffing and coughing away with a towel as a replacement for thousands of tissue papers [yeah, yeah, its gross] i feel so terrible [and miserable] because i can't even sing or hum the tune of the song. my throat is so itchy and uncomfortable. i was telling my mom and yunjing that i feel like head banging the wall and i guess this shows how much i want to get rid of the flu plus cough plus swollen eyes... oh well, who wants free flow of mucus??

so as you should know.. today is April fool's day but nothing much happened in school [from what i know] no big pranks etc. sumi glued a coin on the floor before mr simon came into the class and he did picked up the coin. the other prank was to greet mr simon but the only difference was that we were facing the back of the classroom. meh, all these pranks didn't last long.

i got pranked by nikki by eating this biscuit filled with wasabi [gross!] and i only realised after tara ran out to puke out the biscuit that we ate together....

in conclusion, this is not really a good start for april. meh.

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