Rush woman

i've been trying to 'study hard' nowadays in school. since english test is this friday, more work has to be done and... more staying backs for consultation. damn, i am really scared for my tests. its so $#*@$$@@$!$$(*. anyway, won't you find it really frustrating when your mom compares you with your cousin? hell yeah i am. its been since last night when she saw my 14 year old cousin studying really hard while i was using the computer.. life is really frustrating at times #ugh

dad finally agreed to letting me sell my two hand-me-down cameras [not that i've been begging him to let me sell] i asked him last night since he just came back from overseas and he didn't even hesitate and gave me a quick 'ok' reply.

so, the first thing i shall do after exams is to get a camera #justsayin'

a really heavy box full of files and books. it was so difficult to get in and down the bus. oh, and it got me brain storming on how to sit in the tiny seats in the bus with my big schoolbag and this box.

calculator with a sticker from my english teacher who isn't teaching us anymore [why is it that one by one most of my teachers are leaving us?!] and a post-it from nikki who was so bored during chinese lesson that she started to draw.

will be right back after exams!


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