Sports day 8/4/11

sports day on friday was pretty good. especially the water soccer part- where i ran (more likely hop and run slowly) in the water blindly without my specs. i was trying so hard not to get wet because i had totally forgotten to bring along an extra pair of undies and shorts and unfortunately for me, i did end up in the water. the two smart ass (kiran and sumi) pushed me down when they pulled me halfway out and PIACK! went my buttock on the water.

when the event officially started, it was funny seeing how most people camwhored during the game. okay, i admit that i somehow did camwhored a little too much with my friends but i can't help it.... hahaha. this always happens when some events comes up. oh yes, i bought 2 boxes of polaroids for that day but i only used 1 box.

i was so embarrassed by the fact that i kept cheering like an idiot while the rest kept quiet. i mean, come on, i have a cough and i'm still cheering?! yes, i am a real good example (proud asshole smile)

and one last thing.....
i feel so guilty that fearon lost.

damn guilty.

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