Counting ants

i had my english oral examination today and i've only a word to describe the whole session- boringggggg. okay i added extra 5 gs behind boring 'cause i really want to emphasize how boring it was. i was supposed to meet kiran at 7am in the morning for breakfast (oral starts at 8am) but i ended waking up at 7 am. when i woke up, the first two things that i saw was my sister sleeping at the sofa (no no no i didn't force her to sleep on the sofa and enjoy the luxury of a king sized bed) and the light that shines through the window. yes, the moment i saw the lights shining through the windows, i kept "oh noooooooooooo"ing to myself and jumped out of my bed.

so we gave up the thought of having breakfast before oral exam and rushed to school. i regretted going to school a little after 8am 'cause i am the last register number for batch 1 and I HAD TO TIME THE FIRST 17 PEOPLE AS SOON AS I REACHED. i kept moaning how life has been so terrible and horrible and finally surrendered. oh well.

guess what i was doing outside the place where the examination was held other then timing people for 10 mins and then ushering them into the room? i.count.the.ants.

i think there was once when i was playing with ants (not literally playing though) by y'know, stomping here and there (no no no not on the ants) and i think bernice or annabelle chan laughed at me. i was really that bored. i started borrowing a paper and a pen and started to doodle nonsensical stuffs that doesn't makes sense.. until it was my turn.

oh man, i really need a camera or else i'll be bored to death x

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