Happy Mothers' Day

happy mothers' day to all lovely mothers out there! anyway, heres a note to mom (even though i know she won't be reading this!) :

Dear lovely mom,

i love you and thank you for always being the one by my side and taking good care of me, making sure that i have enough money to eat, make my bed when i'm in school and waking up early just to prepare breakfast for me before i leave for school. i don't think that i can even write down everything that you've done for me because theres just too much. thank you for telling me that i don't have to compare being as pretty as other people and that all i need is a perfectly functioning body. i may not be a good daughter at times but i just want to let you know that you, will always be my dearest mother- the one who always make sure that i am alright and gives me the best advice, the truth. you, will always be the best mother and no one will ever be able to replace you.

love, huiqin

i had a great time celebrating (actually more like eating) with my family at Jurong Country Club. the food was good and i love the sunset whilst on the way to the place. the sky seemed like... a nice place to live- wide, spacious and beautiful. if only i am not afraid of heights. sigh, live sucks sometimes eh?

p/s: will be back with more pictures after exams!
sigh, what a hot weather

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