I love the sleeping beauty & beauty and the beast

(second attempt #teehe)
we needed 3 spoons at that time..

since i was really bored on sunday, i decided to make rice krispies at jay's house. the first attempt was pretty fail (#sad4lyfe) since we burnt the butter and after we added the marshmallows, everything turned very, very sticky so we tried again. both jay and i were so funny 'cause after we finished stirring the melted marshmallows and butter together (when it was starting to turn sticky), both of us were like:
jay: "huiqin! hurry up! stop taking photos already! its hardening!!"
me: "oh no oh no (quickly run and grab and spoon to help take out the rice krispies)
there was this time when we had to scrub and scrap really hard to get the (smells and taste like caramel so i think its caramel) hardened (ok i think it is caramel lol) caramel from the pan and the spatula and i just have to say that jay will be a really good house wife (in his case, house husband? heheh)

ok anyway, i don't know how tasty the rice krispies are 'cause i left it at jay's house (got to refrigerate 1-2 hours but by the time its done, i was out already) so sad #sniffs

With Lilo and Stitch, I learned the value of family and friendship;
With Tinker Bell, I learned that it is never too late to correct an error,
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With the Sleeping Beauty, I learned that when something has to happen it will happen, it may take a little time, but is it worth the wait,

With Shrek, I learned that you need not be perfect to have a happy ending
With Toy Story, I learned that no matter how much time passes, thefriendship is true, it will last forever
With SpongeBob I learned that if I believe, all my dreams can become reality,
In Monsters Inc., I learned that friendship can happen between the most distinct people,
With Beauty and the Beast, I learned that love has nothing to do with appearance but with what exists within your heart,
school reopens tomorrow. can't wait to see my friends... and my results teehe

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