oh yay i'm finally back... and damn, i feel so tired. my art paper is tomorrow and i'm feeling quite nervous about it since its going to be my first time. i hope nothing goes wrong (mixing wrong colour, not enough paint, not enough time and et cetera) ..

had a pretty relaxing day with my friends today even though most of the talkative ones (i mean, in a good way hahaha) didn't go school #sad4life
kris, sumiko, alex, andrea and i spent the day talking, joking and doing our art. the day was pretty short and we spent our art lesson playing some kind of alphabet game.

quite-a-productive study date with jaslyn and sumiko at kings albert park mcdonald's after school. i'd manage to get a few notes about biology into my brain like mouth-> amylase->breaks down into starch (please tell me if i'm wrong!!)

and so here i am blogging and gonna sleep @ 9pm tonight.

adios x

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