sigh, i am finally back blogging! my exams were not that great 'cause i kinda screwed up my chemistry and social studies papers. thus, i have a higher chances of failing my combine humanities and science papers which is so.. ughhhhh

anyway, i went flb 6 with sweats yesterday. the place was damn wild and packed with pretty girls (jealous jealous jealous) both of us were literally squeezed and pushed for more than 5 mins! its like, i was breathing for air and thinking really hard for a way to escape because my left were the stalls and my right were the people who're squeezing us. hahaha i can't believe that i managed to squeak out and apologised to this lady "sorry, it wasn't me who pushed you!" and she was like "hahah i know right! its the people behind pushing!" hahahah then i kept telling sweats and mumbling to myself "if only i can fly right now"

it looks better in life teehe (slurrrrp)
somehow or rather, the toilet gave me creeps when i entered it..
(mothers' day celebration)

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