what a day

sighhh i am feeling so sad and fat nowadays. firstly, i DO NOT have any camera with me now which is REALLY unfortunate because I GET BORED EASILY and i need a camera's companion SOON. i've decided to sell both my cameras and get a new one (dad promised to buy me a new one) but i don't think my dad has sold them already because.. they don't seem to worth much..? so i guess i will be getting one soon (if my dad delays any longer, i'd go berserk immediately. in front of him.)

secondly, i got back my results and sigh sigh sigh, they're all so disappointing.

thirdly, i've been spending SO MUCH money on food rather than stuffs that are needed to be bought. oh i'm so hopeless.

anyway, i like spending free time with my classmates/friends in school nowadays. we played a lot of blind mice and other really fun games like double wacko. (just so you know, we were bored and thus decided to play games that are childish yet fun to play) i still remember i get sabotaged oftenly if not, my partner would make the mistake by stammering and stuttering to think of someone's name to save me from getting whacked (but i still get whacked in the end. sadly.) i realised that i couldn't stop smiling whenever i am with all these fun and wild people and my cheeks would hurt alot in the end. from smiling too much.

i am pretty much contented with my life. i've been thinking of going to somewhere far like Santorini in greece. i never knew that out there in this world, there is such a beautiful place. so for now, i aim to earn enough money and spend the rest of my life in this place. (heheh maybe with the other significant..?)

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