bits and pieces of the dress i wore to the wedding dinner. going for tuition later (what a boring day, again) and maybe going over to jay's house. if i'm lucky, i might get some nice shots from his camera. anyway, i got my camera back from dad with some nasty comments along from him (which seems like teasing, to him, only). tried to refrain myself from rolling my eyes at him since the family was there. fortunately for him and me, i can control my temper.

lately, I've been thinking of death, again. i just can't help it since every night i've nothing to do, my mind would wander aimlessly... and "piack!" DEATH. it kinda scares me that the thought of death could do so much 'damage' to me. since young, i've been thinking of death. on the plane, in the car, under the shower... anywhere. sounds like i'm freaking myself real bad huh?

just so you know, i have fear of height, too.

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