cakes, cakes and more cakes

had a greaaaaaaat time at sumiko's house on sunday (we celebrated sweat's birthday at her house)
bad hair day- don't remind me about it
sumiko fixing da polaroid camera
da bestz

  • i woke up at 8am and rushed to Toa Payoh MRT from Commonwealth MRT
  • met the girls at 10+ am
  • we wanted to bake rainbow cupcakes but #fail
  • so we bought chocolate chip cupcake (since there was already a ready-made)
  • waited more than 10 mins for this lady who bought a total of 200+ bucks worth of food in the supermarket at the counter
  • we had mac breakfast before heading towards sumiko's house
  • while mixing the ingredients, i asked sumiko whether she have any bananas
  • she asked her grandmother and guess whats the reply...?
  • "you want banana you get from jack!"
  • guess whos jack......?
  • we loled alotttttttttttt
  • slept on sumiko's bed (her bed damn comfortable) and played around (that includes PEOPLE who hacked into my fb account) while waiting for sweats and nicole to come
  • the plan: sweats going to sumiko's house to watch movie after church with nicole who is the one in charge to bring sweats to sumiko's house and inform us when they're reaching.
  • so when sweats arrived we came out from the kitchen and sang for her
  • only videotaped for 4 secs and POOF! MEMORY FULL *major spoiler*
  • no, she wasn't THAT surprised hahaha
  • so we played and ate
  • oh did i mention that everytime i enter the kitchen i'd always be like, "hi jaaaaack!"
  • next few hours we painted nails, watched tv, played some songs, took polaroids and pictures and play some games
  • in conclusion, even though it was a little fail surprise party, overall its still very fun
  • okay end of story haahhahaha

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