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went Marché on monday for lunch with nicole, jaslyn and sweats and i must say that i am satisfied with the food there. oh, i really like the atmosphere too.


i had a long talk with mom about her childhood memories and all during lunch. somehow or rather it was heart wrecking to hear that my uncle (who was 8 years old at that time) was murdered and left to die, even though i do not know him. i felt so damn sorry and upset at that point of time. how can someone murder a child for a bicycle and sell it, get the money and buy drugs? what the hell is wrong with this world or to be more precise, the killers. the murderers. people who kill to get something they want. seriously, i despise all these people. why, of all people, kill a very innocent boy who haven't even grow up to accomplish what he wants to do in life. i could have been standing in front of him, talking to him and acknowledging him as my uncle if i were to visit my relatives back in thailand but no, hes dead. all because of a drug addict.

omg i really have no idea why i am so.. ffgswkgrhfndslnfi when i type all these out since all these are history already........ but still, don't ever, ever be the person who kills to get something you want.

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