first day of june / a pretty long post

who listened to taylor swift's latest song already?

(part 1)

once again, i woke up early this morning and headed to school for some tutoring from my science teachers with kiran. the one hour session with my chemistry teacher was totally worthed it. i kinda 'relearned'chemical bonding (or whatever you call it)

anyway, i find today a nuisance. everyone (okay maybe a few) seemed to be picking on me out of a sudden. for example, my grandparents were talking about my father and then to my sister and then to ME! okay, maybe it was because i was standing at the stairs which is right beside my grandfather thats why it is easy to lead one thing to another but come on, i didn't even do everything other than standing there like a wooden block, listening to what they're talking about. once they started to lecture me about my studies, i turned to my mom (whom by chance was also at the stairs, on the way to her room) and asked her: "seriously, what did i do???!", she shot back: "listen to what your grandparents are telling you!" and went to her room. so all i did was to keep saying "uh yes ok, uh huh, i understand" and nod my head. while on the way up after their 'lecturing', mom shouted at me (to me, it seems that shes picking on me, too) and by then, i couldn't take it any longer and said "what?? whats wrong with you all?!" and "i'm talking nicely here." after my mom scolded me for being rude or something. whatever the adult thinks.

okay, now my teacher. i was trying to absorb what she was teaching and she suddenly turned to me and started telling me about being hardworking and asking whether i was serious or being lazy and being me, i totally went blur and looked at kiran with the what-the-hell look. luckily she turned to kiran and somehow or rather said/ask the same thing.


last night was really hilarious. my sister and i were trying to think of ways to kick the cockroach out of our room. it came out of nowhere and my sister started to half scream half shout which frightened the hell out of me. i didn't want to kill that roach so i just used our floor towel and covered it. since we couldn't do anything, we ran into our parent's room and asked for help which was apparently, taken as a joke and not a serious thing!! my mom just laughed off and remained at her bed while my father laughed off, too and decided not to help us. so before i slammed their door close, i muttered to myself "how helpful" and decided to save the world (technically though). i ran into my room and rolled on my bed, laughing out loud (i don't know why but i find it funny) and started being crazy before i finally get serious and looked at the towel, trying to think of a solution to get rid of the cockroach if not we'd end up sleeping with it while it runs around in our room. my sister was not even helping. all she did was to remained on her seat with her legs held up high and trying to save her laptop.

fortunately, my mom came in soon but when she took off the towel, the roach ran away and both my sister and i started to scream (or more like 'yikes'ing here and there) since we couldn't track down the roach, we went off and sleep. so much for worrying.

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