i think i should call this week a "low self esteem week" since I've been very, very self conscious about how i look and how much i eat etc and etc ever since the beginning of last week. or maybe ever since i became a damn teenager who actually had to care about looks and all. sometimes its so frustrating that i am so self conscious & nervous and all whenever i'm out of my house. don't you ever feel that you are comparing yourself with other beautiful thin girls out there without even realising it? well, thats what i always do. and i hate it. (reading what i had just typed had actually makes me wanna smack my face over and over again!)

so far, i noticed that whenever i am nervous, i'd actually twist my fingers or play with them 'cause i do not have any idea what to do when i'm nervous/bored. i think this is gradually becoming a habit for me and its not very good thing huh..

damn, i need to be more confident starting from right now. sigh.

anyway.. can anyone buy me this

and i'll be happily playing just.like.him~

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