monday blues, tuesday fools

i'm so glad that my math common test is over 'cause i can finally blog in peace (without the constant nagging from mom) and that i can do my art work which has to be handed up by.... tomorrow? okay so maybe life isn't so good now since i have to rush this and that and unfortunately for me, i've been spending a lot of money this month. sigh, what a month.

pretty flowers along the road. i see them almost everyday when i walk back home.

(drawn and taken by jay) the rest of the pictures below were taken using jay's lens. wider, and nicer.
went over to my cousin's house on sunday and then to the supermarket with his parents.
walked around with jay and he was like "tsk can you stop taking pictures!!" well.. of course i didn't haha.

and now, i'm going to reunite with my books.

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