Moon in the blue sky

since my grandfather's ankle has not recovered yet and no one is able to drive me to the bus stop where i will take the bus to school in the morning, my mom decided to walk out with me to the bus stop outside my house (which is a quite a long walk by the way)

i realised that i actually like having a walk with my mom in a quiet morning alone 'cause that is when we both can talk about anything and everything. it surprises me how carefree my mom sounds when she talk to me. its like as though we're friends. it is not a bad thing though...

i like the bus ride to school in the morning because somehow or rather the journey to school is pretty peaceful. i am always staring out of the window, playing john mayer or adele's song, looking at the sky. oh, i like looking at the morning sky too. its interesting how the sky looks so different everyday. one day an orange sky, the other day a purplish sky. how interesting.

school today was really funny. stacia never fails to make me smile (or even laugh) i was laughing so hard with my classmates during english lesson and i started to go a little crazy. xin yuan, is another one who keeps making me laugh and asking me to do the lick-my-teeth-face. she told me a joke today:

whats 1+1?
and she smiled at me. (the answer is actually her eyes 'cause its 2 hahahhahaha w.t.h)

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