Part I

went to the railway track with my friends kris, sweats and nicole yesterday. it was hot, but nonetheless fun. hell, i think i'll be going back there again... on tuesday. but this time, with jaslyn coming along with us ; )

i was outside my school when i took this. it was in the morning. very, very beautiful. could have stared at the sky forever.

and this was when i was in the school, in class.

finally released from school. everyone took out their cameras and were happily taking photos. nicole, the one ^ just won't stop saying that we can take 10 or more photos of her. self compliment much.

soooo we went to macs to change and had lunch there. kris tied pretty plaits for me but i took it off in the end... (don't ask me why)

pretty cupcakes at island creamery. took these while sweats was buying her ice cream. anyway, i think i'll upload the rest tomorrow or something.


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