Part II

hello, i shall blog about part II right now. i was actually thinking of part III... hehehe i'm just too lazy to upload everything in one post. anyway, i'm glad i revised a little on biology and did my math homework this morning. pretty productive huh?

so behind-the-scenes

just so you know, its actually a bokeh beside her head. cool or what? hahah

there she went "piu piu piu!"

i like this photo the most among the rest. somehow or rather this has the 'climbing-the-mountain' kinda look though we were only trying to walk up the slope. it was a little high for me (omgeezez hahaha) and i had actually climbed with my bare hands, camera on my side. of course, based on the photo above, i was the last one, behind them. kris and sweats managed to climb all the way up and nicole was in front of me. i was constantly telling her not to slide down or fall 'cause i'd be the one who would suffer the most damages (think about the camera too)

fortunately, i managed to reach the top without much damage except for the dirt on my hands and some on the camera. anyway, when we reached the top, we realised that there was actually a more easier way to reach the top.........
ain't she pretty?!

and thats me, finally in shorts.


okay, i'll be back with more pictures in part III!

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