school today was alright though the class was hot and stuffy due to the weather. i almost fainted from heat stroke like... seriously. kept drinking water to cool down my body but to no avail.

today's biology lesson was one of the worst lessons ever. my teacher brought in two gigantic frogs that were kept in the tank and since both my classmate and i were sitting at the teacher's table, i immediately ran to the back of the class (as far as i could) to stay away from the frogs. even though they were in the tank. i felt so horrible and disgusted (sorry to frog fans) that even when i was on my way to the toilet, my body shuddered out of a sudden and i refused to use the cubicle because i couldn't stop imagining about frogs coming out of the toilet bowls. crazy thoughts, i know.

anyway, (forget about frogs and toads) today is pretty relaxing too. kris and andrea brought their guitars to school.. which is a good thing because during recess, they played the guitars and we sang along. i still remember me singing "strolling in the deep" instead of "rolling in the deep" & strumming the guitar anyhow and sang (in an awful way) "ALEX~ ALEX~" to thank alex for buying drinks for me. qistina even videotaped me..... so not a good thing.

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