alright, so here i am all sulky and slouchy 'cause i am really, really exhausted. my lovely bed was one of the first few things i came in contact with once i reached home. i think i just fell asleep immediately when i lie down because i can't seem to remember how long i stayed awake before i slept... sigh, i'm just so cool like that.

my school celebrated racial harmony today and for the very first time, i had actually worn a costume (all thanks to syaf). orverall, it was fun and fearon was pretty united and hyped today. i'm starting to like fearon more ;-) 

anywayyyyy, we have guests from Hebei, China (if i'm not wrong) who are going to stay until next monday. it was pretty cool to meet someone from other country. one of the guys speaks good english and he watches the vampire diaries!!! ok, that was cool enough hahah. oh, and his name is d-a-m-o-n just like damon is the vampire diaries lol.


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