"With me, the present is forever, and forever is always shifting, flowing, melting. This second is life. And when it is gone it is dead. But you can’t start over with each new second. You have to judge by what is dead. It’s like quicksand… hopeless from the start. A story, a picture, can renew sensation a little, but not enough, not enough. Nothing is real except the present, and already, I feel the weight of centuries smothering me. Some girl a hundred years ago once lived as I do. And she is dead. I am the present, but I know I, too, will pass. The high moment, the burning flash, come and are gone, continuous quicksand. And I don’t want to die." — Sylvia Plath

today is by far one of my favourite days.

had a simple belated birthday celebration today and i must say that i lovvvvvvve today alot. never been so happy on my birthday celebration before. jolene, yj and dion gave me a handful (lets just say, um, 3 pairs of hand?) of whip cream (fyi: i hate whip cream. pretty much and i just don't know why... must be the amount of whatever that will cause me to be fat bwahahaha). did not manage to wash the whip cream off my hair and i had to wash&blow at chapter 2 (plaza singapura) which costed me.. 25 bucks.

25 bucks it pretty expensive for wash&blow but it was quite worthed it. i reaaaaaaaaaally love the smell on my hair that i can't stop sniffing even during the movie, i would sniff my hair a little and sighhh.. i guess i won't wash my hair tonight (teeheheh)

oh anyway, please watch transformers 3 'cause it rocks my socks and had my mouth hanging. okay, i have a feeling i am going to watch the second time.

yup, i'm going to read this tonight. nerd much.

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