August Babies I

yesterday was one of the best days i've ever had with my friends. we celebrated three birthdays and unfortunately for us was that our surprise plan failed. we bought everything in a rush; birthday cake, chips and drinks (the guys bought them. loads of them) and birthday presents but all things went well and we had lots of fun. i made two last minute cards for yunjing and dion the night before with some help from jolene and i would say yay (instead of nay) to it since i find them quite pretty. especially yunjing's card.

it was pretty cloudy when we reached and it looked like it was going to have a thunderstorm so when flying the kite the guys were making jokes about the spiderman kite being struck by lightning and whoever that was flying it would be struck by the lightning too. and then all was well around late noon when we sat down and ate and played volleyball. i almost rolled on the grass patch laughing at the jokes made while playing. so some played fribee, some fly the kite, alone (one of them was dion ha ha ha)  while some just sit down and talk.

dion had literally spammed my camera with his handsum face (sighhhh)
yours truly
chenghao, nicholas, ian
i'd like that to happen sometime again.

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