been reading this book since friday (i found it shelved with other history books in the library. am glad i found it :-) ) damn, this book is so touching and sometimes i actually feel how anne frank feels (do you understand what i mean?)

3. did charcoal drawing for the first few minutes during art before doing a final drawing on a drawing block (and then paint it) anyway, that is a drawing of one of the block in my school..
4. one of the pieces of my art project. sigh, i still have 7 more pieces to go. (if you noticed, the mcdonald's drink looks... out of shape)

this was yesterday's evening sky (did you notice theres actually 3 colors!!!)

notes for history test

what a wet weather on a sunday morning. my sister began to sing "sunday morning rain is falling" to the rain as she went down for breakfast. amazingly, i woke up before 9am today and the first thing my grandpa said as i walked down was "wah, today wake up so early?" hahahah of course i agreed.

spent my weekdays at home which is a good thing (for me and mom) since i won't have to spend any money and... i get to rest. a lot. i think i've been snoring more than i usual 'cause my sister grumbled a lot on me snoring which leads to her not being able to sleep.oh well, life is just unfair hahaha

i feel so $$$less lately 'cause i spend A LOT on food. delicious yummy food that i can't resist. oh man, i think i m beginning to get rully rully fawt. (really really fat)

what a sad life.

anyway, i found this on tumblr. a library bar sounds good.. would love to visit this place.

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