Lonely was the song i sang till you came

so, i plan to spend my saturday painting a rather big canvas (that is, to me) while listening to songs like You and I by Lady gaga and also apparently by Ingrid michaelson though different kind of tune/lyrics/song. how i love to spend a peaceful day at home even though it seems like a very, very dull thing to do on a saturday when most people would spend the day travelling from forever 21 to maybe lets say, pull & bear. oh well, i sure do want to get some new clothes too but what a pity! my pocket has been sucked up dry from a helluva phone bill. my mom came into my room last night and (dramatically) smacked the bill letter on my bed and then chaos started.

to stop my mom from nagging constantly, i would change the topic to a rather happy one or maybe ask for her opinion on something. like my terrible art. anyway, thank God this week is almost over. i finally finished doing 4 tests (jeer people, jeer when you hear the word "test"!) and am so glad.

love this book the instant i read it. i love how strong the love is between the two characters. sigh.

pretty flowers found in grandpa's garden
walked around taking pictures and drank this can of orange juice.
little cousins came over and started playing some kinda eraser war game. how. fascinating. 

and now, i should roll my ass out of the chair and continue painting.

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