my whole family waited for the result of the election till the next morning except for me. (heard that grandpops slept at 3am++) i guess i am not really into politics though i know who i prefer. so, instead of waiting for the results, i watched a few episodes of iCarly (hell yeah) and the movie, Hop. apparently i chuckled too much to myself that i felt like an idiot. but its cool, i guess.

mom came into my room not long after i fell asleep and as she was about to switch off the lights, i shouted "NOOOO DO NOT SWITCH OFF THE LIGHTS!!" (helluva joke) but still, she switched off the lights and accompanied me to sleep, holding my hands. i miss all these.

went out for a walk along with my camera after breakfast with dad. i am pretty comfortable with the silence between us since we have nothing much to talk about. that is, to me.

hope today and the future is going to be good.

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