apparently my exams officially starts from next friday and to be truth, i am starting to panic. already. my teacher gave us our next art assignment. right after we handed in our canvas work. this time, is related to our end of year examination. (starts to panic more)

i hope that i will be able to score good grades or maybe better grades than i had for the past 3 terms. i'd hate to disappoint people who cares for me and has been helping me. you know, the feeling of disappointing someone really sucks. it actually makes me depress just by thinking about it.

anyway, i've been having good yet weird dreams lately. last night, i dreamt of being chased by someone (a man, actually) along the dark and quiet streets. the feeling was somehow chilly and scary. i was trapped in his house but managed to escape. all i know is that i'd been running and hiding until i reached a house. (somehow or rather, this house looked brighter than any other and something about the design of the house made it feel.. warm and safe) i remember jumping onto the seat beside this man who was reading the newspaper outside his terrace house and asked him to keep quiet, while the person who was searching for me ran past. then i forget about the rest....

i like to dream. just saying.

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