I rant too much

so here i am, stuffing myself with honey stars, slouching like a camel. i've edited pretty much of the pictures taken yesterday so i'll just post some of them here.


had thai food for lunch. all of us had tom yum soup set while esther had some barbecue chicken set.

life has been pretty bitchy to me. i feel like ranting but i just do not know where to start from. i've not done a single homework, yet, though i painted my canvas (a little here and there but still, almost done) and did a few questions on my biology book. what i really feel like doing now is to pack up and leave here for another country where i'll have a small studio house all to myself. and all that i'll ever do everyday is to read good books, eat good foods, take good pictures. i'll not need to hear anymore nagging from anyone (even though i'll miss my mom's constant nagging and delicious home cooked food) or people who wallow in self pity blaming themselves or the world for this and that.

i just want to leave and start all over in a new place. somewhere no one knows me.

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