who loves nightmares?

i realised that whenever i dream of a nightmare, 80% or more would always, always happen in a block. as in, a HDB flat block if you get what i mean. oftentimes in the dream, i would either be chased by killer maniacs, running up and down the stairs, trying to ask someone for help or scary looking people crowding me in a room. all these nightmares were so, so scary that i could even feel chills run down my spine whenever i think of it. thinking back now, i can only remember me, alone, running and hiding away from someone who wanted me dead but i can't recall what happened in the end though i only know that i dreamt of another event. and then another.
  went fat cow with these three lovely girls for ice creams after visiting our primary school. so glad that we bonded and talk about our past. it was a great day :-) anyway, we celebrated teachers' day yesterday. everything went well even though our form teacher did not turn up. the food was good, the performance was even better. all i can remember is the school screaming over and over again at every performance but i think they screamed more loudly when my class people performed. jizz in pants, i swear they were really good and rocked the stage. i am so proud of them :-)        
longevity buns :-)
   best 'fish' curry ever

someday 'bout this week was my grandma's birthday. we celebrated at a vegetarian restaurant at chinatown.