I think i'm hooked on tumblr

since darren & jay are now in korea, i have no one fun enough to accompany me (like going out together and all). and instead of going out with my friends or reading a good book, i am now here, alone with their maid, "taking care" of their house... if you get what i mean. i brought along my sister's laptop, my camera, box of chocolate chip cookies (he he) and a bag full of school books to study.

bought teenvogue when i was with yj yesterday. it was pretty expensive but oh well, what can you do when you're so hooked with pretty pictures? anyway, i read half of the magazine last night. the other half shall be for later on ;-)

cookies i bought from a bakery shop yesterday (mom made me buy two bags of breads and cake, imagine that)

i realised that my hair grows really fast. its pretty long now.

teachers' day dance from my class :-)

okay, i shall promise to study......... after lunch (cheeky grin)

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