Term 4, week 2

to be truth, i miss my dad a little. it has been more than a week (almost 2 weeks) since he left singapore for work. sometimes i feel as though my dad don't exist (i am not cursing) because i do not see him often. but as times goes by, i get used to it. i get used to the idea of my dad not at home for at lease more than 5 days in a month or almost a month, the most.

anyway, i went town with kiran to buy a gift after school. she was so funny that i had to go to the toilet urgently and knowing that i had to use the toilet, she started being hilarious. that didn't make me feel better 'cause i was so urgent but i was in the train. and i was not even near my destination.

going to have my chinese oral examination tomorrow and i don't know whether i should be nervous.


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