well, like i said in the last post, this week has been pretty hectic and tiring. yesterday was one of the most funniest and epic moment i'd ever experienced. right after school (which ended at around 1.30pm), i had 20 minutes of biology lesson and rushed to class to finish up my art mini course work which we all had to hand in by 5pm. amongst painting and drawing sketches on prep works, we were actually complaining about how little time we had left, talking nonsensical stuffs and singing "Sing". i almost pulled my hair in frustration when i just could not find the right colour for my skin tone and at that moment, we all left less than one hour to 5pm. you can imagine how nervous everyone was at that time.

anyway, when time was up, we were still painting until almost 6pm, someone from downstairs called us down because our art teachers were closing the art room. twice, they called us down then we reluctantly ran all the way down with our canvas flapping at our side and the other, grabbing our papers.

when we reached the art room, the front door was locked but not the side so we all rushed in (with relief). the teacher started counting down and we were all frantically trying to hole punch the papers or put the string through. hahaha some said that they were so nervous from the countdown that their hands trembled and could not even put the string through! just imagine that. so when the teacher finished counting down, they went out and locked us in. yes, they locked us in the art room with no lights and fans on (they switched off) and jasmine, alex, nurin and someone ran around the room trying to open the door (everyone was shouting at that moment either to open the door or "OH MY GOD" here and there) while a few, including me, were trying to complete our tasks. oh, guess what the teachers were doing? according to andrea who was outside too said that they were laughing at us. hahaha jeez. i still remember jasmine shouting about not being able to get into international and all her other wishes before she die (rofl).

they did open the door but closed it again because they wanted to put something inside and so, chaos started again. we got out eventually and were actually laughing at how hilarious we were inside. back in class, we started to talk about what happened in the art room and i started to laugh again because maria talked to her grandfather on the phone, in chinese. it was so funny that i rolled on the floor, literally and was covered with dirty dust (jeez, my class in really dirty).

so all in all, this week ended in a pretty nice way :-')

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