All i have to do is dream

hullo there.

life is good though a little to mundane. i've been staying at home most of the days and only get to meet yj for lunch (in the end we ate nothing and i was the only one slurping my ice milk tea away. hmmmm) yj wanted to print photos so i accompanied her and decided to buy an extra camera memory card for my thailand trip in december and a packet of film. i am so excited for this friday 'cause we (jaslyn, kris and jee van) are gonna watch breaking dawn part 1 and will be going to somewhere ~secret~ hehehe.

oh well, i really hope that it won't rain on that day if not we can't do ~something~ and i won't be able to show you the ~something~ here. hahaha oh gosh i am being so mysterious.

went for some family carnival which wasn't...even...... fun. we just ate and ate till my stomach bloated. o wells.
An alley

follow me on instagram ok! i'm daisydooms (duh hahahaah) ;-)
this was the night before yesterday. jay was like "oooh" and i was like "ahhhhhh" hahahah

anyway, i have been collecting or lets say, trying to remember what i did for the past few months this year and then transferring what i remember into the phone so by the end of the year, i will post them up here. sounds exciting, no? ha ha ha

will be back soon!

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