Raisin bread
Mini cupcakes
Char siew puff
What i had for breakfast for the past few days. the char siew puff i had this morning is so..... indescribable

New books
New books
hullo new books. you look so pretty and sexy lying down there
New journal / diary

its funny how i would willingly buy a 25 bucks leather journal than a rather nice looking 20 bucks top in bugis (i was pestered by two shopkeepers who just wouldn't stop asking me to buy their stuffs and kept discounting the price when i said nothing. nothing at all!) i had a good time yesterday. i bought three books (including the leather journal) and two of them were from the book fest. oh you have no idea how many books we bought (my aunt, jay and i) it. was. so. i n s a n e! in the end, the basket was filled with books and i would say 2/3 of them belongs to me auntie. yupppp, insaneeeeeeeee. but still, i am totally infatuated with my new books.

anyway, i just want to say friday was probably one of the most funniest one on one date (with jee van) i could have died laughing like a mad horse with her. nehhhh he he he. it was a rather peaceful day and we had lunch at pastamania. the cool thing was i managed to gobble up a plate of spicy chicken penne (lets just jumble up this three words if you want), 3 pieces of garlic bread and a cup of ice lemon tea while the poor, poor jee van left one and a half piece of garlic bread (hahaha) and she was like, "oh my god you managed to finish everything?!" i'm just so cool.

after that, we went to vivo and took lots of pictures using jay's film camera. (i am going to get back the film today!) and we ate chocolate whilst sitting down, enjoying the view. what a productive day.

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