Its f i l m

f i l m #1
f i l m #2
f i l m #3
f i l m #4
f i l m #5
f i l m #6
f i l m #7
f i l m #8
f i l m #9
f i l m #10
f i l m #11
squinty eyes = new fashion
f i l m #12
f i l m #13
in love with jee van's earrings 'cause they look so classy

films from last week. hmmmmmm i lave films.

anyway, my dad bought me a new laptop on monday (which i am thankful for after being stuck with my loyal tiny laptop that i had since 2008. oh and did i mention how spoiled it is? yeah, i can't even press the 'a' button)  so glad that i am able to have a computer all to myself. hell yessssssssssssss. i can't even explain how grateful i am. 

i just realised that today is the 29th of november. how time flies huh? a few weeks ago, i was still in school studying and complaining about how life can be such a bore. well, my life is still mundane. 

less than 3 weeks and i'll be flying off to thailand to visit my relatives. i am sooooo excited to leave the little red dot! 

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