Marshmallow cupcakes
kristiania's delicious marshmallow cupcakes. ate 2 while waiting for the cab tee he he.
the unhappy philly who was calling for the cab. oh lord, we waited almost half an hour just for one. anyway, she claimed her dad taught her "the art of scolding" lololollipop
we went cycling for like, less than half an hour? and we rented the bikes just an hour before they closed the shop. it was a good day.
class party was great. (even though i left not long after) i begged my mom in the morning (before going to school) and she reluctantly allow me to go since my legs are not fully recovered. so glad that yesterday was the last day i need to go back to school. classmates and i spent most of the day there (more like 5-6 hours) which was horrible 'cause we were all so hungry and grumbling. okay maybe it was just me.

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