New sweater

so glad that today is the last day for headstart (oh thank goodness) even though i still have to go back to school next week for art (we are going to do batik). for five days consecutively. thank goodness (once again) that lessons will only start at 9am which means i'll only have to wake up at 7.30am instead of 5.30am like this morning.

anyway, i am very excited to visit my grandma and a few relatives back in thailand. dad bought us the plane tickets few months back which i guess was... september? its been almost a year since i saw them. the place is great. it is really, really quiet though the people there are very, very friendly. the weather is cold. the food.............. is so delicious that i feel hungry whenever i think of them. tom yum soup.. dry noodle... holy cows. i am so going to gain extra 2 kg when i come back to singapore.

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